FinTech firm Centurion Invest to launch its native token and card


The blockchain-based decentralized exchange Centurion Invest will launch its crypto visa card, providing its users with a wealth of liquidity and a great trading experience. 

Centurion Invest is on a mission to implement state-of-the-art investment tools into a single platform, bridging the gap between the fiat and forex world with the power of cryptocurrency through multiple services. The platform supports an extensive service trading and exchange platform to increase investors’ values with the provision of widespread awareness, profound learning, and an intense method of cutting-edge investment that taps into the future of the digital world.

All About CI Ecosystem

The blockchain-powered Centurion Invest includes six key elements in its ecosystem: CI Wallet, CI e-banking, CI Exchange, CI Academy, CI 360, and CI Card.

Centurion Investment Exchange’s native currency, CIX, powers the entire ecosystem for all kinds of services and transactions on the platform, while also providing its users with many other benefits. Also, the platform boasts CentiPay, a payment gateway that assists online and offline businesses aiming to enlarge their portfolio to the crypto fanatic community.

This platform has been designed in a way that makes trading and transferring digital assets viable for everyone.

Centurion Prepares for the Launch: Get Set Go

With an aim to offer high liquidity, decentralized investments, security, and trading platforms combined with investment plans to improve customers’ net worth as well as profits, Centurion Invest is all set to launch its exclusive global visa debit card and its native token, CIX.

Without delaying much, let us have a glimpse of the opportunities you will get to win some splendid rewards.

CI Card

The CI Card of Centurion Invest is all prepped to be introduced, which will be available at more than 60 million merchant locations globally. The card is in partnership with Visa, providing the hold of exchange and crypto instantly.

Pre- Order Now, Sign up & Get Rewarded!

Their CI Card will be available in a supreme quality physical plastic card or digital virtual mobile version. These CI cards come with exciting bonus programs and referrals. The amazing news is that you can earn up to 3% cashback while shopping or transacting using the card, among various other promotions and offers, that will be activated in Q1 2023.

Not just that, the card is a ‘Single do-everything Visa Debit CI Card,’ which is one of the leading products in the industry, offering you low transaction fees and no annual fees. You have all the freedom to use CI Cards from any part of the world and at any time you want.

In short, the features you get with the CI Visa card:

  • Unlimited spending power
  • Borderless
  • No fees
  • Instantaneous top-up crypto-to card
  • First global card
  • Shop from anywhere and pay with crypto

CIX Token

Following their planned roadmap, Centurion Invest also seeks to launch its ERC-20 deflationary token, CIX, along with the CI Card. The token will be built on the Ethereum Network with a total supply of 2.4 billion.

The token powers the line of products of the Centurion Invest hub via trading, payment, and financial services and has been designed to amplify the use of crypto coins all over the world.   

You get immense benefits from holding CIX tokens, such as:

  •  Fees concession
  •  Cash-paybacks
  •  Better staking rewards
  • Priority access to novel projects, to name a few.
  • Let us have a look at the utility usage of the CIX token.

Did we mention the three key uses of the token within the platform? They are:


As a user, if you have used the platform to trade cryptocurrency, you will be benefited from using the CIX token to replace the trading fee with discounted price. You can pay this fee either using CIX directly or will automatically replace the actual trading fee for CI Exchange on the open market. It implies you do not have to hold a CIX token to transact on the protocol.


Once the tokens are launched, they will be stored in the staking program under the “staking rewards pool.” This pool will be distributed every month among users actively staking their tokens on the staking pool. Your rewards will depend on the total amount of CIX tokens you have staked in the entire month compared to other active users.

Please note that the activation of the staking program will take place a couple of months after the launch of CIX.

Decentralized governance

Through decentralized governance, you get the opportunity to vote on proposals concerning tokens. The proposals may involve the topics such as:

  • How to disperse token reserves
  • Activation of daily rewards
  • Alterations in token supply
  • Vote on developer grants

The more you hold a CIX token, the greater you get the power to vote.

The Final Thought

It’s pretty clear from the facts above that Centurion Invest is ready to revolutionize the crypto industry worldwide. Centurion Invest has established its platform through a user-friendly environment which is its unique selling point, putting everyone at ease while they onboard the crypto world. A competent team of world-class board members and advisors from the FinTech and Blockchain Industry support the platform, which is constantly working to transform the future of the financial sector.

With the CIX token and CI Card launch, Centurion Invest is looking forward to implementing ground-breaking solutions to serve the evolving base of customers with an enhanced user experience, driving growth for every investor and stakeholder.

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Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.


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