Fiverr SEO Skill Assessment Test Answers!


1) The Google My Business is a free service for commercial businesses.

2) Link building offers all of these advantages except________.

  •  Improving search engine rankings and credibility
  •  Enhancing brand awareness
  •  Increasing web traffic
  • Generating content automatically

3)Which of the following statements is NOT true?

  •  Duplicate content affects SEO rankings
  •  Page titles are the most important on-page element after content
  • The quality of the images uploaded on the website affects the SEO rankings
  •  The website domain has no effect on the SEO rankings

4) What do you use to search for exact phrases in Google?

  •  Hyphen (-)
  •  Asterisk (*)
  • Quotation Marks (“)
  •  Exclamation Point (!)

5) True or false:

A 500 is an internal server error.

6) Which of the following actions carry a Google penalty?

  •  Having a robot write your text
  • Hiding text for additional keywords in the same color font as your site’s background
  •  Using link farms and paid links to create a network of inbound links to your site
  •  All of the above

7) When considering HTTP vs. HTTPS pages on a site, it’s good to have a mix of both.

8) Which of these are tools used in the auditing process?

  •  Google Search Console
  •  Screaming Frog
  •  Moz
  • All of the above

9) Which of the following statements about RSS is/are correct?

  • It is a form of XML.
  • It stands for Really Simple Syndication.
  •  Its main goal is to display static information.
  •  All of the above.

10) Which of the following are requirements in a robots.txt file?

  •  *Disallow: [URL string not to be crawled]
  •  Allow: [URL string to be crawled]
  • Sitemap: [sitemap URL]
  •  *User-agent: [user-agent name]

11) Which of the following is a white hat SEO technique?

  •  Creating a subdomain with a highly popular keyword and creating duplicate copies of the existing pages on it.
  •  Filling your pages with keywords, whether relevant to the page content or not.
  • Adding keyword-rich meta titles.
  •  None of the above.

12) What is the most common fix for duplicate content?

  • Redirects
  •  Migrating CMS platforms
  • Canonicals
  •  There is no fix

13) Where are you able to submit a sitemap to Google for indexing purposes?

  • Google Search Console
  •  Moz
  •  HTML
  •  Directly in search results

14) Which of the following are important components of technical SEO?

  •  CPC
  •  CRM
  • Usability
  •  User testing

15) An HTML sitemap provides a list of internal links on a website accessible to users.

16) The best way to track performance for technical SEO is metadata.

17) Which of the following does Google use to display the characters of a page’s meta title?

  •  Pixel width
  • Meta title character count
  •  None of the above

18) Where does the “mobile friendliness” test live?

  • Google
  •  Moz
  •  Screaming Frog
  •  SEMRush

19) What type of sitemap is the most important for SEO?

20) What happens during Google’s indexation process?

  • Webpage data is saved in Google’s database for easy retrieval and ranking.
  •  Information is gathered from other search engines.
  •  Documents that Google has received are sorted .
  •  Meaningful results are generated based upon the user’s search term.

21) While optimizing your website, it is important to generate the right type of traffic. How does bounce rate help inform this?

  •  Shows the percentage of users who entered the website and then went on to visit additional pages.
  •  Shows the percentage of users who entered the website and then left without viewing any other page.
  •  Shows the percentage of users who decided to go back to the source from which they found your site.
  • Shows the percentage of users who left your website within ten seconds of viewing the first page.

22) Which of the following statements is correct with regard to the images on a page?

  •  Images cannot be crawled by the search engines
  • Important keywords related to the image should also be placed in the ALT text
  •  Images should always be kept close to the top of a webpage
  •  Image maps should be used while including the images

23) Which of the following tools could help identify which city in the world has the most search interest for a certain keyword?

  •  Yahoo Search Term Suggestion Tool
  •  Alexa
  •  Google Traffic Estimator
  • Google Trends
  •  WordTracker

24) Which of the following activities could be looked down upon by Google per their quality guidelines?

  •  Using automated website submission software
  •  Loading pages with irrelevant links
  •  Registering misspellings of well-known websites
  • All of the above

25) What is Keyword Density?

  • The total percentage of times a keyword appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page
  •  The total number of keywords appear on the title of the content uploaded on the webpage
  •  The name for the main word or phrase to be mentioned on a content
  •  The number of times the keyword is used X (MULTIPLIED BY) the total word count on page

26) What is usually the most impactful landing page for an inbound link to link to on a site?

  •  The sitemap
  •  The contact page
  • The home page
  •  The page you’d like to improve rankings for

27) Which black hat SEO technique detects the search engine bot and “feeds” it with a different HTML code than the HTML actually served to users?

  • Coating
  •  Foisting
  •  Slighting
  •  Cloaking

28) The following robots.txt meta tag directs the search engine bots:

<META NAME=”robots” CONTENT=”noindex,nofollow”>

  •  Not to index the homepage and not to follow the links in the page
  • Not to index the page and not to follow the links in the page
  •  To index the page and not to follow the links in the page
  •  Not to index the page but to follow the links in the page

29) All major search engines are case sensitive.

30) What does the 302 server response code signify?

  1. The page has been permanently removed
  2. The method a visitor is using to access the file is not allowed
  3. The page has temporarily moved
  4. The request is too big to process

31) If a website sells links, what actions does Google recommend to avoid being penalized?

  •  The text of the paid links should state the words “paid text link” for Google to identify it as a paid link
  •  Only Paid text links to nonprofit websites should be accepted
  • Paid links should be disclosed through the “rel=nofollow” attribute  in the hyperlink
  •  Paid links should be disclosed through the “index=nofollow” attribute  in the hyperlink

32) What is Anchor Text?

  •  It is the main body of text on a particular web page.
  •  It is the text within the left or top panel of a web page.
  • It is the visible text that is hyper linked to another page.
  •  It is the most prominent text on the page that the search engines use to assign a title to the page.

33) Which of the following factors does Google take into account while assessing whether or not a website has strong domain authority?

  •  The frequency with which the content of the website is updated.
  •  The number of pages containing information relevant to the site’s purpose.
  •  The number of inbound natural links related to the site’s theme or keywords.
  • All of the above.

34) Which of the following statements regarding website content is correct?

  • If you have two versions of a document on your website, Google recommends that you only allow the indexing of the better version
  •  Linking to a page inconsistently does not affect the way Google views the page/s.
  •  Placeholders for pages which do not have content are never viewed as duplicate content by Google
  •  None of the above

35) How are sitemaps important for the search engine optimization process?

  •  Sitemaps help the search engine editorial staff manually review a website.
  •  The Googlebot looks for the keyword or title “Site Map” on the homepage of a website and gives credit to the websites having sitemaps.
  • Sitemaps help the Googlebot see the full scope of pages on a from the website.
  •  None of the above.

36) Cloaking is a black hat SEO technique that involves:

  •  Increasing the keyword density on the web pages
  • Hiding the keywords within the webpage
  • Offering a different set of web pages to the search engines
  •  Creating multiple pages and hiding them from the website visitors

37) Which of the following statements about search engine optimization techniques is/are correct?

  •  Making a keyword bold does not influence the way that the search engine looks at the keyword
  •  Websites with deep linking are looked at favorably by search engines
  •  Search engine robots follow the first link they find to any particular page and they do not follow additional links to the same page
  • All of the above

38) What is the term for optimization strategies that are unreputable but not as bad as black hat techniques?

  •  Red hat techniques
  •  Silver hat techniques
  • Grey hat techniques
  •  Shady hat techniques

39) Which of the following statements about Google Sitemap is/ are correct?

  •  Repeated submission of the Sitemap to Google could be penalized
  •  You cannot create and submit specialized Sitemaps to Google for Video and Mobile content
  • The Sitemap acceptable to Google follows an XML format
  •  All of the above

40) Implementing a 301 redirects on an old page to redirect to a new page is a good tactic from an SEO perspective.

41) What is the illegal act called in which a page is copied by unauthorized parties in order to filter traffic off to another site?

  •  Trafficjacking
  •  Hijacking
  •  Blackjacking
  • Pagejacking

42) Are RSS/Atom feeds returned in Google’s search results?

43) Which of the following website design guidelines have been recommended by Google?

  •  Having a clear hierarchy and text links
  •  Every page should be reachable from at least one static text link
  •  If the site map is larger than 100 or so links, you should break the site map into separate pages 
  • All of the above

44) If you enter the query ‘”help” into Google’s search bar, what results will appear?

  • The FAQ page for
  •  Google’s FAQ page
  • Pages about “help” within
  •  The request page for re-indexing of

45) The process of acquiring links from other websites to your own is known as:

  •  Link sharing
  • Link building
  •  Content marketing
  •  Hyperlinks

46) What authorizes payments for e-businesses and online retailers?

  • Payment gateway
  •  Authorization code
  •  Merchant account
  •  None of the above

47) What is usually the most impactful landing page for an inbound links to link to on a site?

  • The sitemap
  • The contact page
  • The homepage
  • The page you’d like to improve rankings for


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