Huobi × UniLend Finance Quiz Answers: Share 14,290 $UFT!


Complete the below short quiz about UniLend Finance ($UFT) and trade at least $50 of $UFT token to share 14,290 $UFT.

Winners who answer all questions correctly and trade $50 worth of UFT token will be selected to share the rewards! Don’t forget to verify KYC before Oct 11 to claim the rewards.

Scores must be 100% correct to be considered qualified. Take the quiz as many times as you would like to pass.

– You must have a Huobi Account.

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08:00 Oct 3 – 08:00 Oct 10 (UTC)

Huobi × UniLend Finance Quiz Answers: Share 14,290 $UFT!

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1. Trade $50 UFT token and complete quiz to share 14,290 $UFT

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Huobi × UniLend Finance Quiz Answers

Q1. What kind of pools can be created on UniLend v2?

Dual-asset Lending & Borrowing pools

Single asset Lending pools

Multi-asset Lending pools


Ans: Dual-asset Lending & Borrowing pools


Q2. What trading pair is available on Huobi Global Exchange?





Correct answer



Q3. Which of the following type of tokens can be lent and borrowed on UniLend v2?

Only tokens supported on Aave & Compound

Only BSC tokens

All ERC-20 assets

Only the top 100 tokens

Ans: All ERC-20 assets


Q4. Which features UniLend v2 is bringing?

Permissionless Flash Loans

Concentrated Liquidation

Lend & Borrow Any Digital Asset

All of the above


Ans: All of the above


Q5. How UniLend v2 is incentivizing lenders in dual asset pools?

Dynamic interest rate model

Fixed interest rate model

Default interest rate model

Ans: Dynamic interest rate mode


Q6. How many ecosystem partners does UniLend have?

Less than 50

More than 100



Ans: More than 100


Q7. UniLend v2 will implement ___ as a certificate of equities:


ERC20 tokens

BEP20 tokens

Synthetic assets

Ans: NFTs


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