Introduction and Programming with IoT Boards Week 1 Quiz Answers


Introduction and Programming with IoT Boards complete course is currently being offered by Pohang University of Science and Technology through Coursera platform.

About this Course

his course will be very useful to senior undergraduate and graduate students as well as engineers who are working in the industry. This course aims at introducing the general concepts and architecture of IoT applications, networking technologies involved, IoT development kits including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Samsung ARTIK, and how to program them. This course will be offered in English. Subtitles/captions in both of English and Korean will be also provided. 

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Introduction and Programming with IoT Boards Week 1 Quiz Answers - Coursera!

Quiz 1_1 – Graded Quiz Answers

Question 1. What does IoT stand for?

  • Internet of Thinkers
  • Internet of Transmitters
  • Internet of Traffic
  • Internet of Things

Question 2. What are the characteristics of the 4th Industrial Revolution?

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Big Data
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • All of the above

Quiz 1_2 – Graded Quiz Answers

Question 1. Which fact is not true about Nest, Learning Thermostat?

  • Intelligently controls heating and cooling by learning a user’s schedule and the season change.
  • The user can adjust the temperature from smartphone before heading home.
  • The user can control the appliances at home.
  • Google acquired Nest for US$ 3.2 billion in January 2014

Question 2. Which is not a wearable smart device?

  • Fitbit
  • Samsung Gear Fit
  • Google Glass
  • Apple iPhone 7

Question 3. Which is not part of Bus Information System introduced in the lecture?

  • Bus Repair Station
  • Bus Information Terminal
  • 3G/LTE
  • GPS

Question 4. What is not considered as an IoT application?

  • Smart navigation
  • Smart farming
  • Smart subway
  • Smart kid


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