The Big Football Quiz Answers


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Quiz Facts – The Big Football Quiz Answers!

Q1. Which team has won the most World Cup matches?


Q2. How many lions are on the emblem of England’s national team?

The Big Football Quiz Answers - Quiz Facts!

Type Answer: Three

Q3. In 2014, Germany won the World Cup after beating which team 1-0 in the finals?


Q4. How many times has England hosted the World Cup? Type the answer below.

Type Answer: 1

Q5. Where was the very first World Cup held?


Q6. Which football player has not won the World Cup?

Lionel Messi

Q7. Against which team did Maradona score his famous solo goal?


Q8. How many goals did Geoff Hurst score in the 1966 final against West Germany? Type your answer below.

Type Answer: 3

Q9. How many times has Spain won the World Cup?

Type Answer: One

Q10. Ronaldinho played 97 times for the Brazilian national team. How many goals did he score during this time?


Q11. How many Golden Boots has Thierry Henry won in his career? Type your answer below.

Type Answer: 3

Q12. Who holds the current record for most appearances on the Brazilian national team?

Answer: Cafu

Q13. Tite is a nickname of current coach of the Brazilian national team. Do you know his real name?

Q14. When was the first time that VAR Technology was used in the World Cup?


Q15. In which stadium did the German team win 7-1 against Brazil?

Mineirão, Belo Horizonte

Q16. Who was the first player from the English national team to have won the Golden Boot – most goals scored in the tournament?

Gary Lineker

Q17. Who is Spain’s top World Cup scorer of all-time?

David Villa

Q18. The 1978 World Cup took place in:

Q19. Who was the only player in Spain’s 2010 World Cup team not playing for either Real Madrid or Barcelona?

Joan Capdevila

Q20. How many major football tournaments has Spain managed to win in a row? Type your answer below.

Type Answer: Three

Q21. Which German won the world cup both as a player and a coach?

Franz Beckenbauer

Q22. How many times did Argentina play in the World Cup finals?


Q23. In 1966, Germany lost the World Cup final at Wembley. Who scored the goal that never crossed the line?

Geoff Hurst

Q24. What was the longest wait between two FIFA World Cup tournaments? How many years?


Q25. In how many of the top 5 European leagues was Zidane named the Player of the Year?


Q26. How many goals did Michel Platini score in the European Football Championship in 1984?

Q27. Why did Zinedine Zidane head-butt Marco Materazzi in the 2006 World Cup?

He insulted his sister

Q28. Against which team did Robert Lewandowski score his first goal for the Polish national team?

San Marino

Q29. What was the first year the World Cup was held in two different countries? Type your answer below.


Q30. Under coach Kazimierz Górski, the Polish national team managed for the first time in history to finish 3rd in the World Cup. In which year was it?


Q31. Which coach led five different teams at the World Cup at different times?

Bora Milutinovic

Q32. Brazil is the most successful national team in the FIFA World Cup, being crowned a winner five times. Can you name the years in which they had won?

1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002

Q33. Against which team did Francesco Totti score his first penalty (a Panenka penalty during the semifinal of the European Cup)?


Q34. Roberto Baggio scored his first goal for the Italian national team against Uruguay. In which year did it occur? Type your answer below.

Type Answer: 1989

Q35. Against which team has the Italian national team never lost an official match?



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