Cheese Hunt Maze VideoQuizStar 2 – Quizzes to Answers


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Q 1. Can you help Father Mouse reach the piece of tasty cheese?

Q 2. My oh my! Uncle Mouse wants that piece of cheese! Can you help him reach it?

Q 3. Grandfather Mouse needs your help running through this maze and getting his paws on that cheese!

Q 4. This cool mouse needs your help! Think you’re up to the task?

Q 5. Can you help our little mouse friend maneuver her way through this maze?

Q 6. Can you help Sister Mouse reach the piece of cheese?

Q 7. Can you get our mouse friend through this tricky maze?

Q 8. Monsieur Mouse needs your help! Get him through the maze, if you can!

Q 9. What about this maze? Think you can lead our mustachioed mouse to the delicious piece of cheese?

Q 10. This mouse wants that delicious piece of cheese! Can you help him reach it?

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