Flasko: The alternative investment platform for rare wines, whiskeys, and champagne


As a cryptocurrency investor, you’ve most likely filled your portfolio with a variety of cryptocurrencies that have delivered profits over the years as well as investments that haven’t gone as well as you had expected. For instance, if you’ve bought cryptocurrencies to hold at the height of last year’s crypto bull run, you might be neck-deep in losses, considering the crypto market lost over $2 trillion in value in a matter of weeks.

And it’s not just retail investors and cryptos that have taken a beating – some of the biggest crypto hedge funds, VC firms, and investment platforms have filed for insolvency in 2022, with their founders on the lam from legal enforcement and Interpol red alerts. This confounding set of extreme market conditions has led crypto investors into a frantic search for projects they can hedge their dwindling portfolios with – until now.

Enter Flasko – a protocol being built as the first alternative investment platform operating in the multi-trillion dollar luxury wines, whiskeys, and champagnes sector. Flasko offers the opportunity all crypto investors have been waiting for – namely, a chance to invest at the earliest stages of an investment platform backed by real-world utility, asset backing, and serious potential for parabolic growth in the coming years.

Flasko: invest with a first-mover advantage in rare wines and spirits

It’s no secret that successful cryptocurrency investors buy into emerging blockchain protocols at the earliest opportunity. Flasko offers them the exact same opportunity. With presale prices starting at $0.04, there’s plenty of room to grow. Flasko is tipped by crypto analysts to be the next big opportunity in the crypto space, considering its first-mover advantage in a highly lucrative niche. 

Invest into luxury whiskeys, wines, and champagnes via NFTs with real asset backing

Flasko will develop the first investment platform enabling investors to buy into whole or fractional bottles and casks of the most highly sought-after luxury wines and whiskeys in the market enabled by non-fungible technology. Best of all, they can have their real-life assets – the physical bottles represented by their NFT holdings – delivered straight to their homes. 

Flasko will also work with startup companies in the premium high-end wines sector and help shore up their operations and logistics to distribute their products in new markets, while Flasko holders get exclusive access to the latest luxury wines and get industry discounts.

A stable fully audited, and sustainable launchpad ready to moon

Flasko is a cut above any other presale phase project out there. The developers behind Flasko are demonstrating their confidence and belief in the platform’s long-term viability by locking the platform’s liquidity for over three decades. Flasko investors will have the peace of mind to invest with a protocol fully audited by Solid Proof.

The best gains to be made in crypto are by investing early into projects that offer real-life utility, backed with tangible assets, with a tried-and-tested roadmap to ensure its future success. Not by chasing meme token pumps.

Flasko is a rare opportunity to invest in a platform at the forefront of alternative investments in rare wines, whiskeys, and spirits – with exponential potential to fulfill. 

Website: https://www.flasko.io/

White Paper: https://flasko.gitbook.io/whitepaper/

Presale: https://presale.flasko.io

Telegram: https://t.me/flaskoio

Twitter: https://twitter.com/flasko_io

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.


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