Libera BUSD Miner: The 3% BUSD daily auto compound solution


As one of the latest innovative projects in the mining industry with the exclusive auto compound mechanism, Libera BUSD Miner offers its holders 3% returns in BUSD every single day.

Libera BUSD Miner has been paying out 3% daily in BUSD to its global users for 90 days straight and still counting. The most interesting part is that the interest you earn is reinvested or compounded, earning you more interest. Simultaneously, you are paid up to 105% extra bonus a week as an incentive for compounding.

And if that wasn’t mind-blowing enough, all compound processes are run automatically, you just press the button to turn on Automation, relax and let Libera BUSD Miner work for you without going through complex steps or consuming too much time. This is the first stablecoin miner to apply the exclusive auto compound mechanism in the whole crypto world.

Over $6000 Deposit Prize every day 

Another outstanding feature of Libera BUSD Miner is that not only do the first players win but also the last players win bigger. Every day, the highest depositor of the day will be rewarded 0.5% of the total locked value, which is growing day by day. 

At the time of writing, the Daily Biggest Depositor Reward has grown to over $6000 per day. On Aug 22, 2022, a Libera player got $6,074.93 USD by depositing $842.74 USD only, meaning earning 700% of his fund with a single deposit transaction. This is Libera BUSD Miner’s smart strategy to attract new players. Being the biggest depositor of the last day means winning 6000+ BUSD, and any fresh player can be a winner!

Furthermore, Libera BUSD Miner stakers have the opportunity to win a $20,000 BUSD lottery prize every month, until the end of October 2022. In November of this year, the champion prize Lamborghini Gallardo will be presented to the luckiest staker. Every deposit has multiple chances to win at Libera BUSD Miner.

Libera BUSD Miner is growing successfully worldwide, and new players are joining daily. It has been paying 3% BUSD daily for over 90 days straight and prides itself on being the most profitable and stable miner. Libera BUSD Miner now ranks number 1 biggest Total Value Locked Miner across the world of crypto.

About Libera Financial

Libera Financial is the world’s first triple passive income & hyper deflationary token coming to centralized exchanges (CEXes). This is the next breakthrough in Defi space, an innovation enabling the 4037% Fixed APY token to be hyper deflationary. An innovation that changes the game for the entire industry: wrapping Libera into Libera, which enables listing on CEXes and staking in pools, while Libera tokens still grow at 1.02% a day, or 4037% a year inside Libera.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.


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