Texas Protocol: The agribusiness revolution through blockchain


When it comes to investing, why not think about a branch that is essential to everyone? Brazil is among the three main agricultural exporting countries in the world and with exponential growth in its territory.

The Texas Protocol innovated the way to invest in agribusiness, using technology to increase access to this area that is so vital to the world. Agricultural production within the ecosystem guarantees the token’s long-term appreciation due to its Ballast.

Without banking institutions or absurd fees, a totally independent system accessible to all, but with the best security and practicality that exists through the Texas Protocol.

The first approved farms, which are also pilot projects, are located in Brazil. They are focused on the economic exploitation of beef cattle breeding and grain production, with plans to implement the business model in other locations in the national territory and other countries, taking the “DeFi Farm” concept around the world. The Bocaiuval Farm is approximately 80KM from Cuiabá/MT, with more than 800 hectares of cultivable area for agriculture and cattle-raising.

Get to know our DEX Texas Swap and our exclusive app TexasPay. TexasPay is a functional app, to facilitate the use of your Texas tokens, where the connectivity with your wallet will provide you with a new way to make and receive payments. TexasPay is for you as an investor, farmer, business owner, and customer. With the app in hand, you can facilitate transactions using Texas Token, make and receive payments, generate QR Codes for merchants, and quick transactions.

The agricultural production within the ecosystem ensures the token’s long-term value, and a deflationary system further increases the value of $TXS.

By using the TexasPay app your investments with $TXS are more secure. Passive income through your participation in interest-bearing investments by the Staking Pool and you receive payment in stablecoin.

Token holders will also have the right to actively participate in the decisions of the Defi protocol by voting and suggesting new proposals for the improvement of the project. 

Conversions of your tokens are made simple with Texas Swap through any device and without any third-party intervention, just you and the person with whom you want to perform the transaction. All this is secured by Blockchain technology.

To know more about Texas Protocol, visit the official website: https://texasprotocol.io/ 



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