WeWay reveals technical details of their first Find-to-Earn game


WeWay company shared details on MadBackpacks, the first Find-to-Earn game, namely: the game plot, technical characteristics, options, and others.

WeWay’s game Mad Backpacks is an exciting opportunity to explore a new world of treasure hunting. The game creators paid particular attention to the mechanics and technological features to make the game process more realistic and involving.

The point of the game is to find coins and update backpacks which is a necessary option for collecting the coins. The players possess NFT backpacks which they can upgrade, sell, repair, breed, burn, lend, or borrow. 

Coin search is a process to find coins on the map or in mini-games. The players need a MadBall to start the mini-game and collect coins; this resource is spent but recovers over time. If the players want to have many games, they need to improve the rarity of the backpack, which affects the amount of MadBall per day.

The players deal with two tokens: $WWMB, a utility token collected and earned in the game, and $WWY, a governance token of the WeWay ecosystem. With these tokens, the players can buy, upgrade and repair backpacks, buy loot boxes, join guilds, participate in PvP Tournaments, and stake at Guild Challenges.

Fuad Fatullaev, CEO of WeWay:

“We aimed to create a game that could be a part of daily life, immersive and fun — so now MadBackpacks has all the chances to be the next top game letting people play and earn simultaneously. The idea of involving people in everyday activities is very actual nowadays, especially considering a sedentary lifestyle. So we want to provide an incentive to be more active and spend more time outdoors.”

Mad Backpacks bring augmented reality to players’ everyday life via AR navigation and a staggeringly detailed design developed by a world-class 3D graphics studio. It is more than ‘just another Move-to-Earn game’; the creators cared about realistic animation and engaging gameplay, which created a big community.

The players can choose whether they remain solo or join the guilds. The latter option means the chance to earn more, control wider territories and have more influence among other players. In addition, guilds can compete against other guilds, get different perks, and track scores on the leaderboard.

MadBackpacks has a wide range of options. The number of activities, e.g. mini-games or tournaments, will increase daily. Besides, the creators are interested in cooperation with brands which will add more thrill to the game process.

About WeWay

WeWay is the first-of-its-kind entertainment ecosystem that creates a complete place for creators to interact with their audience. The platform provides innovative tools to increase viewership and monetize content, allowing fans to get closer to their favorite creators.

The company provides a multichain token and an entertainment ecosystem with NFT Marketplace for creators, celebrities, and fans. In addition, WeWay aims to build the Influencer Metaverse and already provides Experiences, Fundraising, Streaming, and Exclusive Members Clubs and Voting mechanisms.

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