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wheel of reward autumn quiz answers 100% score videoquizhero

wheel of reward autumn quiz answers 100% score videoquizhero

wheel of reward autumn quiz answers 100% score videoquizhero


1. Autumn is in the air, let’s head over to the:


  1. Apple Orchard
  2. Table Richard
  3. Maple Orchard
  4. Staple Orchard

2. Seeds spread and become new trees.


  1. Poet Made
  2. Palm Care
  3. Pulp Game
  4. Pine Cone

3. Can you guess what we’re seeing all over the forest floor?


  • Acorns and Squirrels
  • Aches and Squills
  • Acres and Squeaks
  • Actors and Squalor
4. In Great Britain, we love a tasty treat called…


  1. Coffee Apples
  2. Toffee Apple
  3. Lychee Apple
  4. Coffee Angel

5. The hint is in the picture!


  1. A persimmon coloured rosebush
  2. A perrsimon colored reindeer
  3. A perssimon colored roadsign
  4. A persimmon colored raincoat

6. Can you find the correct examples of this?


  1. Yew, sycamore, willow, spruce
  2. Linden, pine, oak, poplar
  3. Aspen, elm, fir, beech
  4. Alder, maple, apple, ash

7. This is the name of a movie!


  1. Blame the Autumn Moon
  2. Eager the Autumn Love
  3. Close the Autumn Room
  4. Under the Autumn Moon

8. These two words are not only names, but they’re also…


  1. Types of pumpkins
  2. Types of nuts
  3. Types of flowers
  4. Autumn food dishes

9. Can you guess the name of this children’s book by unscrambling the words below?


  1. We’re uikqc on a ealf mphu
  2. We’ suckt on a lape llhu
  3. We’re oenft on a leke unth
  4. We’re gingo on a lfea hntu

10. Can you fill in the missing letters of this quote by unscrambling the letters below?


  1. nAtumu sowsh us owh to etl tinghs go
  2. mnAtuu swsho us owh to etl sockh go
  3. umnAut tllse us owh to see cvero go
  4. mnAutu ellst us owh to let ncecha go
11. The title of a song and album from this soulful musician.


  1. Eric Clapton
  2. Neil Young
  3. Joni Mitchell
  4. Bruce Springsteen
12. ‘In stature, she was tall, somewhat slender, and, in her latter days, even emaciated…`


  1. Lineil
  2. Ligeia
  3. Lileit
  4. Liseil
  5. Liseit
  6. Lileil

13. The words you find here are part of the key ingredients in…


  1. Gregory Maguire’s ‘Wicked’
  2. Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches’
  3. Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’
  4. Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’
14. These are peculiar names for what autumnal thing?


  1. Corn
  2. Pumpkins
  3. Leaves
  4. Spiders

15. What is the total number of vowels in this line of poetry


  1. 8
  2. 9
  3. 10
  4. 11
  5. 12
  6. 13



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